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A large percentage of the Israel team participating in the Paralympics will be members of Beit Halochem. The delegation will be led by Chaim Bar, the chairman of Beit Halochem.  It would be great to have all the Jewish visitors supporting the team and the Israeli competitors at the Paralympic Games by “flying the Israel flag”.

At this stage the precise composition of the Israeli team is not known, although we do have some idea of the events in which Israel is likely to be represented, which include Road Cycling, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Wheelchair Tennis, Table Tennis and Equestrian and also hope to have participants in Goalball. The Israeli Paralympic committee has provided us with the list of events and the daily schedule for the Games for these disciplines in which they are likely to participate.

Although the initial closing date for ticket applications for the Paralympic Games has now passed, according to the London 2012 website, further tickets will become available for the Paralympics later this year, so please do everything possible to ensure substantial support for the Israel Paralympic team.

Doron Shaziri will compete in the shooting and Inbal Pizaro is a swimmer.







Lira Geva and Asasaf Gofer are members of the table tennis team…

  …. and these are the rest of the table tennis team.





Noam Gershony and his partner are members of the tennis team.






Nati Gruberg will compete in the cycling…



And Reuven Magnagi will row for the Israeli team.


Shraga Vainberg (l) and Boaz Kramer (r) pose with their tennis coach Lacob Weiner.




Inbal Pezaro will go for gold in the swimming.








You can also view some videos of the athletes here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW1WKjHI-9NZ7JOSMFT-rnw


Well, the results are in! Here’s a report on Israel’s and other Jewish athletes’ success at the Games, by Daniel Zylbersztajn. The link to the article to view on its original page is: http://www.microsofttranslator.com/BV.aspx?ref=IE8Activity&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.juedische-allgemeine.de%2Farticle%2Fview%2Fid%2F13928%2Fhighlight%2Fzylbersztajn

Game, set, match

In London, Jewish athletes, especially in tennis are successful

Compared to the huge gift shop of the Paralympic village a transparent work of art made from acrylic stands before the mast with the flags. Almost all athletes with names have signed on it – including some in Hebrew. It is not surprising that most Jewish athletes at the Paralympics – there are 25 total – come from Israel. Besides them, there are only a few Jewish athletes in other teams. One is the Australian Adam Kellerman. To see the young man with three-day beard, you must go to the remotest corner of the Olympic Park. There is a tennis ground, on which you can ride with a wheelchair, because the turf at the stadium of Wimbledon would have slowed down too much.

laermeWith wahnsinnigem noise, the Australian fans celebrate their compatriot. Because he has won just his match in two sets against the Japanese Satoshi. Kellermann mother Ruth is out there waiting with the rest of the family.

The match is over. Adam Kellerman looks exhausted – and happy. «He describes his way to the top-class sport journalists: “I was always by sport. I wanted to just continue after my injury. ” His mother says that even more in her son was and wants higher education for him. Behind her rolls Kobi Wiener of the coach of the Israeli national team to. «You are welcomed with “Shalom”and shake each other’s hands. Wiener trained the Israeli wheelchair tennis since 1992. Has the sport changed since then? » The wheelchairs are become much lighter and portable “, says he, and the paralympische sport is” now on as high level as the Olympics «.»

Party atmosphere On the field next door, just one of the Israeli tennis player starts with his match. He loses the first set against the British Jamie Burdekin. Da party atmosphere comes on supporters of the host country, and the Auditorium fills. «Then shout the followers of Israelis, including British Jewish young people who have just holidays:» oto Kadima Noam, Tischbor! ” (“Forward, Noam, blow him! «»)

Noam Gershony (29), also with three-day beard, smiles calmly and blows air again and again in his right hand, with which he holds the Club. «Then he finds his game, and no» come on Jamie! «helps more.» Gershony is in the quarter-finals. The spectators in the stands cheering euphoric and waving blue and white flags.

Battles can be Gershony. He was a former fighter pilot. Six years ago he crashed in the Lebanon with his Apache helicopter, while his co-pilot was killed. After long rehabilitation found Gershony to the wheelchair tennis. In addition he teaches vulnerable children in mathematics, including Arab Israelis

» You need to play as a professional Jewish athletes on Shabbat? “, he asked. Gershony nods. Otherwise you could not come up in the ranking list.

This is Levin, which with their four children in addition to the playing field, but a problem for Mike and Gemma. «Mike is uncompromising: “only when the children are grown, they may decide independently on the Sabbath.» «On the question of which country his son support, shows the small Naftali on his T-Shirt and explains proud:» Team GB!

When the quads singles quarter-finals but merely a Briton is, two more players come from Israel, three from the United States and one from Sweden. One can assume that the Jewish tennis player will drag medals after Israel.

rowing For this, performance ranged in the Israeli rowers who took part in Eaton at Oxford, not quite. Moran Samuel reached but at least fourth place in the individual rowing. She was formerly basketball player. But one day the doctors at her a spinal cord injury diagnosed, caused by a ruptured vein. As a result, Samuel lost control of her legs. Although she tended thereafter to the wheelchair basketball, their later partner persuaded them to try it but due to their long arms with the rowing.

That was really much too little time less than two years ago, to prepare properly. However, it lacked only a second to the medal. She wants to work on this second 2016 hard until the next Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Samuel speaks enthusiastically of countless friendly encounters with other athletes in London.

More Jewish athletes in the Paralympics are the US table tennis player Thal Leibowitz, the Canadian wheelchair tennis player Joel Dembe and the Argentine judoka José David Effron, who won the silver in its class. The Israeli swimmer Itzhak Mamistvalov and Inbal Pizaro occupied third place.

In the meantime, party atmosphere in Eaton arises again. The former former Shraga vineyard creates it just in the tennis quarterfinals. He wins in two sets against the Sweden Marcus Jonsson. There are now three Israelis in the quarter-finals. With so much success, now the Israeli press has arrived and interviewed diligently. Hebrew is spoken on the Olympic Park in Eaton. Vineyard can celebrate by supporters. But something sets it apart from the other Jewish tennis players: he has no three-day beard.


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