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Community Security Trust

The Community Security Trust (CST) is a charity that provides security advice for the Jewish community.

 Jewish visitors to London are unlikely to suffer anti-Semitism, but should be aware of their surroundings as they would when visiting any large city with diverse neighbourhoods. If you do suffer an anti-Semitic attack, then you should report it to CST on 020 8457 9999. (In an emergency, dial Police 999).

CST’s website contains the latest security advice, an antisemitism reporting page, and a large range of resources for understanding and combating antisemitism.

CST is proud of Britain’s diverse and vibrant Jewish community, and seeks to protect its many achievements from the external threats of bigotry, anti-Semitism and terrorism. We provide physical security, training and advice for the protection of British Jews and assist victims of anti-Semitism, whilst monitoring antisemitic activities and incidents.

CST represents British Jewry to the Police, Government and media on all aspects of anti-Semitism and security. We believe that the fight against anti-Semitism and terrorism is an integral part of safeguarding our wider democratic British society against extremism and hatred.

We give security advice and training including street awareness courses to all security personnel, rabbis, school pupils, staff, and building managers of all Jewish communal buildings, at no cost.

We strongly urge and recommend that organisers of Jewish communal events contact us in the planning stages of any event to advise as to whether a security presence is necessary, or how best to advertise an event safely.

In An Emergency

In the event of a major emergency affecting the Jewish community during the Games; the Jewish Emergency Support Service (JESS) has a coordinated management plan to deal with any situation.

JESS was set up in 1989 following a number of major incidents, including the Lockerbie bombing. Its initial aim was to offer relief, comfort and food to Jewish survivors in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy however it also offered post traumatic stress counselling to Jewish people both immediately after a disaster and in the long term.

In recent years JESS’s role has evolved, and it is now able to adapt to any circumstances and provides support to the government, emergency services, national and local authorities.

In the event of an emergency today, JESS will:

  • Respond to any demands that the emergency creates, ensuring that a single point of contact is provided for the Jewish community
  • co-ordinate a rapid and efficient response to all major emergencies within the Jewish community
  • provide community leaders, organisations and emergency service organisations with a central single point of community contact in a major emergency
  • establish a communication centre to ensure the regular flow of information between the community and emergency services
  • co-ordinate emergency accommodation, kosher food, clothing and spiritual and religious guidance
  • advise the authorities on Jewish issues that may result from an emergency
  • JESS is co-ordinated by CST

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