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Adrian Cohen, Chair, London Jewish Forum



The London Jewish Forum (LJF) is dedicated to the promotion of Jewish life in London and provides a platform for engagement between London Jewry and public bodies in the capital. LJF will work to oppose anti-semitism, racism and all forms of discrimination in London and with all parts of the Jewish community regardless of religious; cultural or political affiliations or beliefs.

The LJF represents the concerns of the Jewish community and its organisations to Governmental bodies, MPs and MEPs in London and has five key platforms: Housing, Citizenship, Community Relations, Sports, Culture and Youth & Student. We are committed to enabling the Jewish community to play an active part in London life and to contribute to the wellbeing of the city and work tirelessly on developing good community relations across all sectors.

The LJF is committed to utilising sport as a medium for developing better community relations in London and is working with youth groups and sporting organisations to ensure that more young people within the Jewish community are encouraged into sport.

We were initially responsible with Maccabi GB and the UJIA in forming the Jewish Committee for the London Games (JCLG) which has since been transformed by the participation and involvement of other Jewish communal organisations, dedicated to ensuring greater community involvement in the Olympic Games in 2012.

This website for visitors to the Games hopes to become the long-term legacy for the Jewish community utilising the Olympiad to bring together groups and organisations to celebrate the rich cultural history and religious tapestry that constitutes Jewish London.

For more information about the work of the LJF, please click here to visit our website.

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Jewish Committee for the London Games ("JCLG") at the Jewish Volunteering Network.
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