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Work of the JCLG

The Jewish Committee for the London Games (JCLG) is a cross communal group of individuals and organisations.

The leading partners include UJIA, CST, Board of Deputies of British Jews, Jewish Leadership Council, Jewish Volunteering Network, London Jewish Forum and Maccabi GB who are working closely with other committee members including synagogue bodies, Zionist Youth Council and Union of Jewish Students. The aims of the JCLG are:

1)  To use the excitement of the 2012 Olympics to increase Jewish community participation in sports and related educational activities.

2) Fulfil our duties as the host nation’s Jewish community.

3) To ensure that Jewish interests regarding the Olympics and Paralympics are considered and ensured by all stakeholders throughout the planning process and during the Games.

There are several major areas of work in the JCLG project including:

Education led by UJIA. This includes the educational toolkit that has been created and made available for Jewish education  and the JCLG Ambassadors Programme which includes a group of several current and past Jewish Olympians and elite Jewish athletes who will make appearances across the community in the lead up to the Games.

Hospitality led by Jewish Volunteering Network. This area includes the creation and maintenance of this ‘Visit Jewish London’ website and provision or promotion of hospitality for visitors and athletes to the Games.

Olympic themed sport activity led by Maccabi GB. This includes the Maccabi GB Sport Development Plan and Enable project to increase sports participation amongst the Jewish Community over the next five years including the Charedi and disabled members of the Community. Maccabi GB has also been awarded the official 2012 Olympic Inspire Mark for its school sports tournaments.

Munich 11 Commemoration led by Lord Janner, JCLG Chair Adrian Cohen and Doug Krikler from UJIA working in conjunction with the Embassy of Israel and the Israeli Olympic Association

Liaison and representation of the Jewish Community with Olympic Organisers including LOCOG, the Office of the Mayor of London and Government

Liaison of the UK Jewish community with the Israeli Olympic and Paralympics Committees

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