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The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are set to transform London and propose a unique opportunity for some exciting and inspiring education. The UJIA Department of Informal Education has created this resource which picks up on some key topics inspired by the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to help you to tap into the Olympics and make the most of it. These packages maximise the educational opportunities that the Olympics and Paralympics can offer and will help to integrate the education to benefit the needs of organisations.

The following packages have been created with core content, Jewish responses on the topics and programming ideas and suggestions. They have been created so that you can pick and choose the most important content, allowing spaces for creativity to apply  ideas. Packages include: • A Healthy mind and a healthy body • Gender in Sport • Healthy Living and Sport • Jewish Ideas on Strength • Munich • The Olympic Games and Protest Movements.

Please click here to visit the UJIA website for more information on these programs.

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