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The Jewish Chronicle (or The JC), first published in 1841, is the world’s oldest continually published Jewish newspaper. It retains its editorial independence and covers everything from conducting hard-hitting investigations to reporting on low-level communal activities in the national and international Jewish communities, with context provided by leading commentators and cultural figures.

The Jewish News, first published in 1997, is a free newspaper focussing just on the Greater London, Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Essex Jewish communities. Run by the Jewish News & Media Group, it provides a range of local, national and international Jewish news and entertainment and is a previous free newspaper of the year. Also run by the Jewish News & Media Group, the website www.totallyjewish.com, established in 2000, defines itself as “the definitive portal serving the UK’s Jewish community”, establishing itself as a household name in providing daily news, views, competitions, and also active in the community helping people find their ideal partners, jobs and homes.

The Jewish Telegraph, first published in 1950, is Britain’s only regional Jewish newspaper, focussing on the regions of Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow, although it also provides national and international Jewish news.

The website www.jewishlink.net provides links to all Jewish newspapers around the world, allowing anyone to obtain Jewish news and information from any country. It also provides links to other Jewish areas of interest, such as museums, education and genealogy. Also, www.jewishmediaresources.com provides a similar function exclusively in the media.

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